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Windows Key + P • Easy Display Switcher


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Windows 7 provides an easy way to access and switch between external displays, so you can use more than one monitor or a projector for presentations.


The Windows key + P combination opens this handy toolbar:


Posted Image


Computer only is the default option–and the name says it all.

Duplicate clones your screen to a connected secondary display, monitor or projector.

Extend expands the desktop so you can make room for extra windows.

Projector only turns off your laptop's LCD and turns the projector into your monitor.


Source: PC World

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I was trying to figure out why I was getting "no signal" when I connected my laptop to my TV and I thing I set the TV to primary mistakenly in the process. Now I'm getting a black screen when I connect the HDMI cable to my laptop on my laptop. When I  unhook the HDMI from my laptop I get my screen back. Does anyone know how I can reverse this?



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