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Your Children Refuse To Go To Bed… Blocking The Pc!


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Windows Vista has a function called "Parental Control". So your children refuses to go in bed when you tell them, and it is all because they spend a lot of time on MSN or playing video games you can leave Vista to deal with that problem.


So how to use and setup Windows Vista Parental Control:


1. Type "parental control" in the search bar, Start menu and click on the associated module


2. Choose the computer user (your children) who refuses to go in bad.


3. Then click on "Time Limits":


4. Finally select the time slots where Vista will be unavailable by clicking on the boxes.


So if your child tries to open its session outside the permitted hours, Windows Vista reminds him politely that he would do better to go to bed. Similarly, if the session is open, the Vista will close without other forms of trial at a time defined.


In the parental control module you can also block certain games or programs, but also monitor user activity on the internet (downloaded files, last visited websites, etc…) thanks to the display of activity reports.



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