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Make Windows 7 Gadgets Invisible Until Mouse-Over

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If you like Desktop Gadgets but don't like them cluttering up your desktop, you can make them stay hidden until you mouse-over them.

Windows allows you to configure Gadgets to show at 20% opacity, but here is how to configure 0% opacity.


Right-click the Gadget you want to make invisible, select Opacity, then click 20%.


Right-click the Sidebar Task Panel, select Start Task Manager, then kill the process sidebar.exe. This will remove your Gadgets from the desktop.


Open the Desktop Gadgets settings file. Default location is C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsSidebar\. Open the file, settings.ini, in Notepad. Find the string:




Replace the "(20)" with a value "(1)". Save the file and close Notepad.


Click on the Start button, then type sidebar.exe and hit Enter.

Now the Gadget you chose is invisible until you move your mouse over it's area, which makes it appear.

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