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Pc Matic Real Time Protection


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The first release of PC Matic Real-time has gone live.


Currently, customers with expiration dates after September 2012, when they first run PC Matic, will be asked if they want to install PC Matic RT. (PC Matic RT should be available for all users in the very near future.) If they select yes, PC Matic RT will (in the background) automatically be installed. Once it starts running the protected Icon will turn green.


PC Matic Real-time works along side PC Matic, to protect the user from malware he/she might attempt to run, at the time they try to run it, as opposed to scanning after the fact, as does our malware scanner.


The real-time software will display in whichever language has been selected by PC Matic. Currently, if you change the language in PC Matic, you would need to restart PC Matic Real-time for it to reload the updated language.


The dialog boxes for allowing or blocking application execution will only be shown if the user is attempting to run something thought to be malware.


We are currently doing the necessary work and testing to be added to the Microsoft recognized vendors list.


There is more information about PC Matic Real Time protection here:


What is PC Matic RT?


PC Matic real-time protection is running constantly on a computer, once installed. It looks and warns about any file that the user tries to run, that looks to be malware. In fact, once installed, this software is keeping track of everything that is being run on the computer.


What is the user experience?


Unlike PC Matic, there is not much in the way of pretty pictures, or gas gauges flicking on your screen, telling you what they are doing, and where they are in the process of scanning your entire computer.


This software runs as a tray application, on the right side of your tray. It sits there very quietly, for the most part, watching each program you run, and waiting to warn you should it consider something you try to run is malware.


In fact, if you don't try to run something that is malware, you will never even know it's running.

However, if you do, it might be nice to be warned, and that's what this does.


If it comes upon a program it thinks is malware, it will warn you, and ask you what you would like to do about it.

You have the option, of letting it run, blocking it, always blocking it, or always allowing it, or of course, you can quarantine away so it will cause no further problems.


What does it install and what's going on?


Currently, this likely looks like it is doing very little. The reality is, it is actually installing both a windows service (much like our scheduler) along with a tray application, and runs constantly, on your computer, looking and deciding on each program you run.


By default, this will start running, and turn on from the time you install it. It does that for every user configured on the computer (up to 5)


It is, however, quite unobtrusive, and just sits there trying to protect you from whatever those malware writers out there are trying to get your to stumble into.

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