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Xp Hangs On Welcome Screen Will Work In Safe Mode

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Hi, Sorry if I've posted this on wrong forum.

Few days ago my laptop started to hang at the blue Welcome screen on startup - the only way to fix was turn off. I managed to start in Safe Mode eventually however I receive a screen showing a lot of drivers the last one ending in ....mup.sys (I think). I tried a number of Restore Points however none of them finished properly.


I'm not very technical so any assistance/advice is appreciated.


The last Known Good Configuration Option didn't work either. When in Safe Mode I've run Malwarebytes Ant-Malware and Advanced System Care scan closed down and re-started normally and it still hangs at blue Welcome screen.


System is Dell

MS Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.

Intel Pentium ® M processor 1.73 GHz

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I receive a screen showing a lot of drivers the last one ending in ....mup.sys

The cause is unlikely to be Mup.sys, but rather the subsequent part of the boot process.  Since system restore has not been helpful, I assume registry corruption isn't involved.


Start in Safe Mode, then click Start and Run.  Type Chkdsk /R and click OK.  Type Y and Enter at the prompt, then restart the computer normally.  Disk error checking and repair will be performed during startup.


If the problem persists, apply the default BIOS settings**, unplug all USB and Firewire devices and hubs, plus parallel and serial port devices, then power up.  If the system boots normally, plugging in the devices one or a few at a time and restarting should identify the culprit.


[** Note that the extended system configuration data (ESCD) in BIOS usually isn't reset when defaults are selected.  Select the "update ESCD' option if it exists.]


The problem might be caused by a failing PCI card or RAM module.  Microsoft has a decent memory tester that can installed on a floppy disk, or that can be burned to a CD.  Bad expansion cards can be tested for by removing them one at a time.



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I tried as you suggested to Run Chkdsk in Safe Mode however I'm unsure if it completed.

I was watching the screen and it was 93% through the 4 stage of 5 when I got called away for 5 to 10 minutes.

When I came back the screen was blank, the cursor arrow was in the middle of the screen and I could do nothing. Neither the cursor nor any key worked. I switched off.

I re-started after short time and Pressed F8 for Safe Mode, etc and took that option


I received the screen I mentioned before showing all the drivers




then screen full of other drivers until the last one below



I couldn't do anything - no response with any key so I had to turn off again.



Maybe this was mistake - after a slightly longer time I re-started again and Pressed F8 for Safe Mode, etc.

It showed me all the options for Safe Mode, etc however after I hit the enter key for Safe Mode nothing happened and I couldn't move the cursor at all. Again I had to turn off.



Thanks again

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dell notebooks have a built-in hardware diagnostics.


make sure your computer is off. if it is in a docking station or port replicator, remove it and plug the power supply into the wall.

turn computer on.

when you see the dell logo, tap the f12 key until you get a menu.

choose diagnostics, press enter.


let that run and see if it comes back with any errors.

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