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Lemon POS is an "open source" software Point of sale application that uses mysql for it's database back end. It is of course completely free with no strings attached.


I tinkered with it once before, but never really got serious about making use of it. Well that was a mistake on my part, because simply put this is an incredible application for anyone running a small business that sells goods and services.


I was using several different applications, spreadsheets, and documents to keep track of the hardware I am selling and services I provide, and it was becoming cumbersome, not mention having way too many files to keep track of. Lemon POS is doing it all for me, and the best part is, I can access the database with the GUI on any computer I have from anywhere there is an internet connection, so I can take my laptop with me, and have all the same functionality as the machine running the database, several computers can all use ut at the same time and the database updates immediately so they see the same data and information.


The Lemon POS website and a detailed list of it's features.




I am truly impressed with this application/database!! :tup: :tup:

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