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Install Windows 7 From A Portable Hard Drive

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There cases when there is no optical or floppy drives available and you need to install Window specially netbooks or laptops that don't come with one. Maybe you have heard about installing the OS using a tool to format a usb thumb drive for this purpose, but it works with a portable hard drive too. First of all you have to be sure the desktop computer or laptop\netbook can boot from usb, if this is the case then


Insert the Windows 7 dvd into another computer and connect the portable hard drive (in my case i use a WD Passport, but use any brand you like)


Extract all files to the Root of the portable drive (meaning not inside a folder) and that's all.


Now connect the portable hd to the other machine without optical and test that the hard drive is read, it should appears like the regular process when installing from dvd.


Note: you still can use the drive for other data, it won't bother the process, but is better to have a 320GB at least if you will use it for data and OS installation "disk"




Default Windows 7 icon normal like the dvd


Posted Image



Here i circled other folders i've added without disturbing the structure.


Posted Image

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