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Preventing Accidental Changes To A Word 2007 Document


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When you collaborate on documents in word 2007, you want the other parties to contribute their work directly to the document.


But when the document is finished, you may want to prevent changes from being made to the document before distributing it. In that case, you can mark a Word 2007 document as final.


Marking a document as final is also helpful if you share a computer. It will prevent other users from accidentally changing the document. You may even want to mark a document as final to prevent yourself from editing it!


To mark a document as final, follow these steps:


1. Click the Office button


2. Select Prepare


3. Click Mark as Final


4. Click OK to save your document and mark it as final


5. Click OK again on the dialog box that opens


When a document is marked final, typing and editing commands are disabled. Additionally, proofing marks are turned off and the status is set to final in the document properties. A Final icon appears in the status bar.


You may later decide to make changes to your document. In that case, click the Office button and select Prepare>Mark as Final. You can now make changes to your document again.


The Mark as Final feature can be reversed by anyone who opens the document. So, in some cases it is preferable to restricting editing permissions on the document.



Thanks to James Marshall, About.com Guide


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