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Athlon Xp Compatible Games


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My Swapper game is version 1.24.torrent from walmart ,i don't have any problem/bugs/graphical bugs!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeange don't work..... :(

FIFA14 - tested,don't work

I downloaded The Witcher Enhanced Edition and work on medium with 8x anisotropic,2x anti-alias,depth of field,1360x768

Ford Racing Off Road - work

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level-studio работала самая первая версия, после первого обновления всё поломалось. шас везде на торрентах, либо старый 1.1, либо новый steamrip. они уже не рабочие, без sse2 и никакие новые физиксы, фиксы, и всё прочее не поможет. вообще всё из драйверов и библиотек стоит последнее. но я давно уже в эту игру отыграл, смысла мучиться нет больно. просто тут пишут, что идёт. и я от нечего делать, попробовал запустить на кладовочном атлоне. то же самое могу сказать про duke forever, или же bioshock 2. так же не смог их заставить работать. а тут пишут что должно работать.


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Titanfall use Source engine and probably can work but it can't be cracked.

Great but if you know, CS:GO is on updated Source Engine and didnt work on AthlonXP (tested on L4D2 and ofc CS:GO) because in Source Engine now has enable SSE2 support

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Tabletop Simulator dont work.

Forklifter 2014 don't work.

Mechanic Escape don't work.

Teslagrad don't work.

Solar Strungle work.

KillingFloor work and have awesome graphics.

E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy work and is purely awesome.

Day of the zombie work.

War Thunder don't work.

America's Army 3 work.

Left 2 Dead 2 work and is a lot of fun.

All zombies must die don't work.

Lost Planet 2 don't work.

Trials 2 Second Edition work.

Trials Evolution and Trials Fusion can't work dx11,4gb ram etc....


Final Exam work?

Anybody changed files from Cs:S to portal2?to make it to work

I tested portal 2 with swaped files and don't work

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Ghost Recon Online don't work.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier don't work.

Warframe don't work.

TimeShift work.

Cabela's Hunting Expeditions start's then crash at loading screen(i think is from crack;because more people have this problem).

Lego The Hobbit don't work.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes don't work.

Lego Batman - The videogame work.






Apex_Framework_x86.dll - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouee86smbvjwmsa/Apex_Framework_x86%20SSE2%20fix.rar


nvtt.dll - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4utyi3kgcx29o3n/Nvidia%20Video%20Tool%20dll%20%28sse2%20fix%29.rar


The single game that i have ;maked with ue3 is Papo and Yo and at first ;freshly installed is gives me address error to nvtt.dll ,after nvtt.dll fix it gives me address error at Apex_Framework_x86.dll and after apex fix it gives me address error at Win32_ShippingPC.exe witch is the Application that opens the game.


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That Apex_Framework is from Warface maked with cryengine 3 and work and i thinked that probably will work because Spec Ops The Line from 2012 work and Borderlands 2 from 2012 don't work.Bioshock infinite don't work and is from 2011.....probably with Apex from warface will work.


Counter Strike Online 2 (Sniperz) is a modified CS:Condition Zero and normaly it needs to work ;but it's a waste of time to download 3GB for annoying graphics and annoying gameplay

Binary Domain don't work.

Men of War Assault Squad 2 don't work.

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Uhm? W*T*F*?

Counter Strike Online 2 have SOURCE ENGINE = CSS/Cs:go Engine

i think you saw CSO 1 = Counter Strike Online = cs 1.6/cz Engine

At the moment i can't download it cause of my SLOW connection,maybe on weekend...

Anyway i tested XNA Lara.

It's something like Gmod for Pose but better and it's working

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Look on youtube for gameplay "Counter Strike Online 2 Gameplay" and read description or translate the site from your link.......

Anyway...is a :filtered: if it use source engine or not is a :filtered:ty game...

Call of Duty Online Official Site is closed or probably at me don't work;you can acces that site??


Terrorist Takedown 3 work.

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Yes,you can download it

but after that you need some Chinese things

(something like a chinese code)


Rayman Legends doesn't work.

Also,somebody can try Steam with BETA?

Because with the latest update it crashes after 1 second

but without Beta works.

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you want steam beta to have games free for some time right?to test that games?



Well you cannot play GTA IV but you can mod GTA SA to looks like it,sounds like it,gameplay like it,funny like it.

The only things that can't be modded on GTA SA to LOOKS like GTA IV are missions and to change map is hard i tried ,and tried and the game after modified map don't work...i will test again with map from GTA IV maked by another modder.


IF YOU WANT TO PLAY "GTA IV", play,but you need to know that to mod all things to be like in GTA IV is hard work and you needs at last 10-15hours.

To make GTA SA to looks like GTA IV you need this mods:


-No Loading screen bar

- Niko Bellic HD character

- Niko Bellic from GTA IV sounds

- GTA IV cars

- GTA IV cars sounds

- GTA IV weapons

- GTA IV weapons sounds

- GTA IV open car door sound

- Sky box arrange mod

- Vegetation mod v3

- Taxi Ride

- Target mod

- Vehicle names mod

- HQ Buildings

- HQ Roads

- GTA IV Bootscreen

- GTA IV Movie file

- GTA IV LoadingScreen

- GTA IV LoadingScreen sound

- GTA IV menu

- Enbseries for low pc because version for high end pc will have max 10FPS on our PCs

- GTA IV surrender mod

- GTA IV blue or red helmet mod

- GTA IV lights


- GTA IV window feature

- GTA IV camera(over the shoulder perspective ,but the same angle as GTA IV)

- GTA IV crosshair

- GTA IV tokens

- GTA IV hud

- GTA IV map style mod

- GTA IV radar icons

- GTA IV peds v5

- GTA IV shell out

- GTA IV cover system

- GTA IV death in car

You will need CLEO to make some mods run and you will need StreamMemFix because the trees and roads and buildings will disappear and appear all the time.


Ehm... no lol

I mean,the Steam Client Beta (you can activate it from Steam Settings)

Sometimes fix bugs or crash for Steam games.

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Anyway on Steam it's on Sale Arma 2:OA (Operation Arrowhead)

i wanted to buy it for play Dayz (the mod)

Somebody know if it's working on sse cpu?

Because the requirements seems different from Arma 2

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