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Test Boot Speed With Free Utility


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Thank you so much. A wonderful utility,


Margit from Australia



you are welcome.


I did some minor tweaks like removing unused fonts (with caution) and then defragged the hard drive with Ultimate defrag, then it booted in some less time (Total Boot Time to Desktop:00:00:26 (26 seconds) ) when it was 35 secs.


Anyway it seems Windows 7 is faster booting than Windows XP, at least in my case with the same amount of data in both computers.

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Nice utility! :tup:


Mine said 77 seconds total. What do you think?


Post times and ways to cut them down, please, if you have suggestions. Does the program do that?





If you are comfortable with changing "Services" you can change to manual non-essentials

ones and other network related (not the one to connect to internet) if you don't have a network or connect to one. I'll check for an application that do this easily.


Check with basic msconfig


in search bar or Run, type msconfig and go to Startup tab and uncheck programs or applications that you don't want them to load automatically when Windows starts.


Defragging your hard drive is very important too and scanning it for viruses and other pesky stuffs and to have at least 4GB of Ram. And advance step could be the deletion of non important Fonts which i did, but if you do it wrong some program may not load correctly so avoid it.

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