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Just a thought... I was just wandering thru the Members section and saw ALLOT of members from 2003,04,05 etc...

without even a single post. Seems like someone could clean that up a bit?


Maybe clear a user name if there hasn't been a new post in say 5 years or something...


Seems like a lot of wasted pages. :IG::b33r:

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The Owner of this site is a woman, I will be very polite on this forum.




Dude, it's good to be polite, but Rob is hardly a woman. ;)


I believe that I_G was referencing PCPitstopGal who helps us with the main website as well as the forums.


:) Y

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I understand you, Y. Kawika, but I can tell, in this life people will be hard. Special Business people.

I coming from a Business people, my dad and uncle were Business people and they also are they nice, they could been very hard, when you have a business then you must be hard, if you not then people take a walk with you.

When I were the Ownner of this site, then I was very hard too.


Only the last rule I don't understand this, I mean, I understand what you told, but I mean, what does this have to do with the Owner.?

When I log in from PcPitstop gal's profile, than I see, she is joined in of 2007 and the forum of the Pit does exist of 2002 .

When I see that, then is it impossible from my opinion that she is the Web Mistress.

Or it must been, that before PcPitstop gal were the Owner, that before her, there were someone else the Owner.

About polite to women, I am always polite to women, if they also with me.

Fact is, that I am for trying polite with everyone, sometimes is it difficult in this life, but my opinion is, better polite and friendly to others than else.



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