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A Few Questions About Products

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Well most of my questions have been answered just by reading thru this forum, but I still am curious about a few things.


I have been using Optimize 1.5 for several years, and login to the PC Pitstop website and run the overdrive tests fairly often.


Some things I want to ask are... are all the products now web based?


And if so, if you buy a subscription for 1 year, what happens after that year and your subscription runs out? Are you then unable to use the product any longer or just lose support, updates, etc...?


Also if I only have 2 computers, but I paid for a 5 computer setup, could I install it on a friends computer, and would it be possible for her to have a separate login than mine.


and why is Overdrive a product of PC Matic? Isn't that part of the PC Pitstop website and free anyway?



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All of the products are now web-based except Erase, and it is being updated and will also be web-based when the update is complete.


At the end of the subscription period, the product reverts back to a scan-only status. It reports everything that it finds, but it no longer fixes them automatically. It will still provide the information needed to fix them manually.


Your license is good for up to five installations, but they all have to use the same login credentials.


OverDrive is included so that the latest results are available without having to navigate back to the website to run the OverDrive scan.


Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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