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Restoring Files From A Crashed Hd


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The hard drive on my girlfriend's computer was about to die, so I thought I'd lend her a hand and do what I've done a hundred times before. Make a full backup with the Windows 7 built-in utility on my own external HD, put a new (larger) HD into her computer, boot from a Windows 7 recovery CD and restore the backup to the new HD. Problem is, whenever I try to restore the backup I get this infuriating error message, telling me to do the steps that I've already done and try again.


I'm pretty sure the backup is good, and googling around has led to a range of possible reasons for this. Some people say you can't restore an image from an external HD (BS in my opinion), some say the new HD has to be the exact make and model of the one that died, or at least the same size (vista used to give me that crap). And some say something completely different. I've come to the conclusion that I want nothing more to do with the Windows 7 backup utility.


I need some good, free, bootable software that will allow me to create an image of a hard drive, and restore it to a new one. If it can just restore the Windows 7 backup already made, all the better.



Thanks in advance for the help. :)

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restoring a backup that W7 created will not restore the entire operating system,only your data.

You can use an imaging software from the software provided from your hard drives manufacture of the new drive, or use another third party program. You need to make an image of the old drive and then install that image onto the new drive



Western Digital and Seagate provide Acronis software to make an image of the old drive to the new drive

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Recently we had to replace a lot of hard drives at work that were known to fail.

We used the Ultimate Boot CD which is available free here: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

The CD has several cloning utilities under the HDD section but the one we used was partimage.


We would simply connect the new hard drive as a slave. Bootup using the Ultimate Boot cd. Launch the imaging tool and do disk-to-disk cloning.


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