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Real Player Won't Launch

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I have recently downloaded the free Real Player SP onto my Windows XP SP3 computer.

The program is installed 'sucessfully' and shows on my desktop and 'program files'.

When I launch it, the hour glass shows for about 10 seconds and then goes off. If I examine the processes, Realplay.exe is running and there are no error messages.

I tried a 'clean install' twice, with no results.

I am running Norton 360 but, if I disable it, it makes no difference.

If I launch it again, there is no difference except that there are now two copies running in the processes list.

I am getting very frustrated with this.

I also have another problem that may or may not be related.

Some time ago, Windows update downloaded KB977506 and installed it sucessfully. Now, whenever the computer is on, the same update is waiting to be downloaded and installed except that the download is 0Kb.

Are the two related?

I have run several virus/spyware scans with no results.

You will be my firend for life if you can fix this for me.

Michael Bird

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see if you are getting any errors...


make sure you have no realplayer processes running and double click the realplayer icon. (Note the time).


After about a minute, go to start --> programs --> Administrator tools --> event viewer


click 'application'


see if Real Player is giving you an error and if so, post it here.

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