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Patience Dragon..It is a very busy time at the moment.


No StyleXP has to be paid for after the trial period, and I did say that the theme org site is a very busy site, but there are other sites that you can download StyleXP compatible stuff..and don't forget when you buy StyleXP you have the ability to chane sytle, theme and logon screen. I have around 30 differnet themes and styles that I have downloaded and around 20 logon screens. Once you download them you have them permanently. The advantage StyleXP has is that it uses the XP engine for the themes and sytyles and once setup you can run it using no resources at all. I have my "visual effects" set to "best performance" and still have fully skinned XP with all the visual effects. So where some folk switch off all XP "eye candy" to speed things up. I have "full eye candy" at no cost. I've tested this at Pitstop and MadOnion and there is no drop in my video performance whatsoever! ;)

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