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Question About Chkdsk And Check For Integrity Errors Via Paragon Recov

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Hello members,



If you can see, have I a question about chkdsk /p via system prompt via repair partition and Paragon Recovery media sub folder Recovery ----tool check for integrity errors c:\partition.

My question about this is as next: When I run chkdsk /p via system prompt c:\> via the repair partition, then I got no errors, but when I run check for integrity errors on c:\> via Paragon Recovery cd, then I got the mention that there were minor errors on c:\> in disk volume information.

But when I run via c:\> chkdsk /p ,no errors.

Now is my question, what is here wrong, have I a big problem or....... .?

I do know that is a nasty question from me, but I do also know that on the Pit forum also people they are experts in computers and they can tell me, this or that is wrong etc.

So also is this a difficult question, I do hope that someone can tell me what is wrong.

Thank you for your help

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Hey SR, what kinda errors is it "finding"?


I have made a recovery dvd from Paragon backup program.

With that can you build up your partition and repairing this, if the situation is there.

So far, so good.

In the menu Backup and Recovery from that dvd have you a function of check integrity for errors.

Okay when I select the NTFS partition from Windows xp home and hit the button check partition for integrity errors, then get I the mention, minor errors found in partition.

Check integrity for errors found minor errors in your volume.

That is weird, because, the first time that I did that was the mention correct.

I repaired the errors in my volume via chkdsk /r from the systemprompt c:\> after this, I went back to the recovery dvd from Paragon, menu backup and recovery, selected the NTFS partition and run again check for integrity errors, I got the same mention, check for integrity errors found minor errors in your volume.

I say it again, it is weird, because I had repaired the volume via chkdsk /r .

The question about check integrity errors: I did that because, I was in worry after the incident that I was experimenting with a program and I lost my DVD-drivers, so I did running this.

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Paragon is throwing up these errors because it is having difficulty reading and/or accessing the System Restore points on the drive that Paragon is checking.


:) Y

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If I understand your explaination Y. Kawika, is it not needed that I am make my worst what Paragon gives.?

I am glad for that, you know.

I told you last what were happening by my fault through the experimenting with a program, so I was in worry that maybe my drive got a tick.

The possibillity was there.

Y. Kawika, thank you for the explaination, now I am not worse anymore.


:tup: TX you too for the fact that you asking me for description what were been happening.


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