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Cannot Install Any Antivirus Software Under Windows 7!

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I have this baffling problem: I cannot install ANY antivirus software on my computer! My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate (running on an ASUS laptop). My problems started yesterday (30 June 2010) when trying to update Microsoft Security Essentials to the latest version. I got error code 0x80070643 every time. I tried all the fixes suggested on MSE Community forum, but to no avail. So I decided to temporarily install some other free AV software while waiting for Microsoft's response to my support case. Since then, I have tried installing the free versions of Kaspersky, AVG, Panda Cloud, BitDefender, etc., but every time I get a Windows Installer error like this:


"Error 1923. Service *** could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services."

(where *** is the name of the service that needs to be installed for the AV software installation to complete successfully.)


N.B. For each attempt, I am logged on to an Administrator account, and I run the install package by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator."


Before running each downloaded AV install package, I remove all traces of previously installed AV software by using the vendors' own removal tools, deleting all the folders created during installation and cleaning the registry using PC Tools Desktop Maestro, CCleaner and/or Windows Live OneCare (Cleanup module), etc. Still no luck!


I have turned off User Account Control and tried creating a new Administrator account from which to install AV software. Once only, I successfully installed BitDefender using this method. "Hooray," I thought, "now I have found a workaround for the dreaded Windows Installer error 1923", so I (stupidly) uninstalled BitDefender and tried to reinstall MSE. I should have stuck with BitDefender. Since then, I have been unable to install any AV software at all and am now running a laptop with only Windows Defender (which I of course turn off before trying to install any AV software).



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I have studied your message with the error code and I can tell you, you must clean the Windows Register and also is it not unwise when you check your volume.

At first, download and install you CCleaner.


The link is here below:




When you have to do that, then run you the program, choose the button register and search button.

CCleaner find now one or more errors in your Windows register, when it found that, then press the button clean errors.

After that, run you chkdsk in the cmd-box.

You can doing chkdsk /v chkdsk with slash option v find bad entries on your drive and remove that.

It is possible that you get after this, chkdsk found errors on system, run chkdsk /f .

Do that.

When you have doing this all, defrag you your HD.

Then can you install a virus program.

When the troubles still there, then we must thinking at Viruses or worse.

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