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Russian Women

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Congratulation man and have you found a Russian woman!? :laughing:

But that was the fun, I can be serious too.

When you don't like that sort mails, then mark that as spam.

I get via my Hotmail address, also mails from people who are unknown for me and some of them are very cheeky and send me an invitation for chat.

The Spammers they do that are young people from in the thirty, I can tell you, I am not interesting in that, so when I get a mail or an invatation for chat, then I send it to my Spam folder and ignore them.

When you don't like that sort messages and you don't, then spam and when needed, ignore them.

Don't give them a response, when you do that, than they know that the e-mail address is valid and you get more mails from them and what is worse, they do know also your ip-address.



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oh yeah' nothing like starring at fakebook images, fakebook is a reputable site for the whole family, they can communicate with other family members and enjoy constant scam/spam attempts, i recommend everyone join and enjoy :tup:

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