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Help Finding A New Laptop


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Hey, friends, I'm back from my latest real life-related disappearance. It looks like this site has changed a lot, but I still recognize old faces. I'm hoping to stick around this time, but we'll see what life hits me with next.


Anyway, I'm looking for a laptop to go into college with and was hoping for some recommendations from the experts. I've been out of the computer hardware world for long enough now that I'm kind of unfamiliar with the latest stuff, and the search is proving harder than I thought.


Basically, what I need is:


  • A powerful "gaming" laptop. It will be used for more than just gaming...but I likes 'em fast. Good dedicated graphics, plenty of fast RAM, dual or quad core CPU. Sizable hard drive(s).
  • A sexy-looking case would be a plus. But I can live with a beige box.
  • Size is no concern...big is fine with me, and I would prefer a higher-resolution monitor. I will be carrying it around a lot...but I've been working out. :lol:
  • Webcam- this is a must-have, and a high-quality webcam is higher on my priority list than most other things. I'll be using it for video chats with my girlfriend, so a built-in mic is also needed.
  • Bluetooth
  • e-SATA port would be good, but not necessary.
  • S/PDIF audio out. HDMI would also be nice for future use, but I can live without.
  • Built-in Wi-fi capability would be preferable.
  • Firewire and USB (obviously)
  • DVD drive. Blu-ray would be sweet, but not necessary.
  • Can't think of much else. :geezer:
I'm looking in the 1000-2000 dollar price range. Lower prices are better, but I don't want to sacrifice too much to save a few bucks.


Thanks for any help y'all can give me.

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I ordered this one a couple of weeks ago: http://www.myasuslaptop.com/index.php?page=product&id=60&title=Asus%20G73JH-A1%20NoteBook%20W7%20H.Premium%20(64bit)%20Laptop


I should be a screamer. The bd combo was on backorder but I just got word today that it shipped. So far this place has been great to deal with. They called me twice letting me know the status on the backorder. The arrival date will be the 29th and I'll post an Overdrive test for you if you can wait that long.

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At that price point build your own. Base it off the C90 Asus Case, put in a Q6600 (im serious), an MXM graphics card, 4gb of ram, a 250gb 7200rpm drive and your good to go.


If you buy prebuilt, make sure you are using a 7200rpm HDD, and that the GPU isnt that turbo cache BS where it steals system ram. Common tech stuff man :]


Welcome back BTW

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Thanks for the replies.


That laptop looks pretty sweet, bonsai. I'll look into that one some more...


And El Kido, I really like the idea behind the C90, but I have a few problems with it...part availability (especially graphics), screen size, the age of it (will it still be fast a few years down the road), and availability of the case itself (I can't find the **** thing anywhere).


I'd rather go c-90, but it all depends on the CPU, RAM, and graphics I can put into it...and where I can find it all.

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There's going to be a little delay on getting an Overdrive test for you. Appears there was a weather delay with the UPS truck. It's sitting in Jacksonville now but I'm hoping it'll be here tomorrow. :thud:

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