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Aaaack My Dsl Won't Conect Anymore!

Guest Malticoss

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Guest Malticoss



i have had DSL for about 2 months and it works great, but the other night i defragged my computer, and then all of a sudden when i tried to connect to MSN messenger it says i have afirewall engaged or sumpthing and i never installed one

My question is how do i find whatever it is that isn't allowing my computer to gain a direct connection to the internet? this firewall or whatever, how do i disable it? please help, i have been without internet for lie 4 days now and i just want to get BACK...

-Troubled in Canada

Malticoss :(

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Guest Malticoss

oops oh yeah, i'm using windows 98 se wiht ADSL connection going through an ethernet card, and it was all werking so well


this firewall (which i can't find) isn't allowing me to access internet on explorer 6.0 yet i can still ping my IP :mrsgreen:

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Guest IrOnPiG

Pinging your own IP only REALLY tells you that your NIC is installed properly and the drivers are working


The real question is:

Can you ping anything other than your own IP? ie "ping www.yahoo.com"

Also make sure that your IP does not begin with 169 as the first octet (Any addy starting with 169 is invalid)


This will only apply to a DHCP (dynamically assigned) IP

Click start

select run

type "winipcfg"

select your NIC from the dropdown list at the top (if it says PPP adapter thats a dialup modem)



Click on RENEW ALL

make sure it renews to a VALID IP (may have to repeat the process)


If you do NOT have a dynamically assigned IP (a static IP) and it still does not work after that then you may have to rip out the NETWORK STACK and reinstall it


BTW....when messenger screams about a firewall....10 to 1 says that you simply dont have a valid IP or the IP is valid but it is no longer the registered IP on your ISP's DHCP database (this would also cause IE not to work)......It usually has nothing to do with you actually HAVING a firewall or not.....


If you need advice on ripping out your network stack and reinstalling it let me know. I work for a DSL provider as a network tech. I do this schtuff for a living. Make sure you have your Win98 CD handy.


Good Luck. Let me know how it goes.

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Guest ybht_xeno

oh and hey go to internet connections and make sure there is no firewalls enablesd for any connections, you dont have to enable it it is already from microsoft,

my aim is docholladaytomb

Y! jays_been_smoked

Win messenger ybht_xeno@msn.com

contact me

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Guest Malticoss

:mrwinky: thanks guys! i solved my problems with Windows 2k. Oh, and alot of it was my provider Telus. they seem laggy and problematic

thanks and double thanks for replying! i'll try to pas on the love. good luck in 2003! :woot:

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