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Thanks Nigel,


Though Team Viewer is a legitimate utility, this spammer seems to have no other purpose than to advertise it.

Maybe he's linked up as an associate.


Post(s) Gone.

Member Flagged as Spammer.

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I hadn't seen it before your post to Mods!


Looks like he may have edited to make his "Buy Cheap Cars" non-clickable. <-- don't know for sure if it was previously.



I'm not feeling terribly charitable this afternoon.

So... Post Removed, Member Flagged as Spammer.


Not his lucky day.

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Uh... you guys fall asleep? http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/192419-come-onhot-wholesale-nike-shox-lt3tl1mosterturobnztimberlandsandalsbrand-jeans-ed-hardycap/ posted all over. :mrsgreen: Need volunteer mods or something? Forum seems a little dead come to think of it. *pokes forum with stick* We're going to need an autopsy on this one.

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