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Crysis Optimized For Older Video Cards

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My system specs...


AMD Athlon XP 2000+

2GB DDR (@280MHz)

Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256MB




Just copy and paste the following to your Crysis configuration file:


sys_spec_Full 1

;sys_spec_ObjectDetail 2

;sys_spec_Shading 2

r_width 640

r_height 480

e_cbuffer 2

cl_hitBlur 0

cl_hitShake 0

r_MultiGPU 0

r_GeomInstancing 1

e_particles_thread 0

es_ondemandphysics 1

gpu_particle_physics 1

r_CullGeometryForLights 1

e_vegetation_static_instancing 0

e_recursion_occlusion_culling 1

e_hw_occlusion_culling_objects 1

e_hw_occlusion_culling_water 1

e_terrain_occlusion_culling 1

e_terrain_occlusion_culling_version 0

e_terrain_occlusion_culling_max_dist 200

e_decals_Lifetime_Scale 0.15

e_vegetation_min_size 2

e_view_dist_ratio_detail 10

e_shadows_cast_view_dist_ratio 0.10

r_Beams 0

g_ragdollDistance 4

e_particles_lod 0.5

e_particles_max_emitter_draw_screen 0

sys_flash_curve_tess_error 32

ca_AttachmentCullingRation 70

e_cbuffer_resolution 32

e_gsm_range 6

e_terrain_occlusion_culling_max_dist 50

e_vegetation_sprites_distance_custom_ratio_min 0.15

es_DebrisLifetimeScale 1

g_ragdollMinTime 1

r_DynTexAtlasCloudsMaxSize 8

r_DynTexAtlasSpritesMaxSize 4

r_DynTexMaxSize 20

r_EnvTexUpdateInterval 0.2

r_ImposterRatio 4

r_TexAtlasSize 128

r_TexturesFilteringQuality 4

es_MaxPhysDist 30

e_cull_veg_activation 5

es_MaxPhysDistInvisible 2

g_breakage_particles_limit 20

g_tree_cut_reuse_dist 1

p_max_MC_iters 1000

p_max_substeps_large_group 1

p_num_bodies_large_group 10

sys_flash_edgeaa 1

e_clouds 1

e_vegetation_use_terrain_color 1

e_sky_type 1

e_phys_foliage 2

g_joint_breaking 1




With this custom configuration, I can play with a consistently playable and fairly smooth framerate (15-30fps, about 20 average) on a system that's 7 years old and doesn't even meet the minimum requirements for the game. Not only does it play noticeably better than the default Low, but it looks noticeably better as well. Unfortunately, I haven't tested these settings on any other system; but for anyone who's interested in trying it out, I would be interested in seeing their results.


Note: The resolution for this configuration is set to 640x480, which is the lowest resolution supported by Crysis. It is recommended that the resolution be changed in Game to the player's preference.

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