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Why Does The Test Show Gotomypc As A Threat?

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I ran a test, and PC Pitstop identifies GoToMyPC as malware and is a high level security threat and should be removed immediately.


I don't think so, Bunkie!! I am a road warrior and connect every day to my Home Office PC from my laptop via GoToMyPC and when I am on vacation. There's no way in hell I am getting rid of that program.


Is there anyway to keep FixAll from screwing with it?


Also, is there any way to keep FixAll from deleting ALL cookies. There are some there that are legitimate.


Thanks for the help.

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What you are seeing is a false positive. GoToMyPC is probably being picked up by the heuristic scan, as it uses a mechanism somewhat similar to how a Trojan works to remotely access the computer.


Run a PC Matic scan, and from the scan results page before the clean-up, click on the red rectangle under the malware scan to look in the malware scan high-level threats for the GoToMyPC process and add it to the White List. That will prevent it from being picked up again by the PC Matic scan.


Fix all does not delete all cookies. It only deletes tracking cookies. There is no way to pick and choose which tracking cookies will be removed. They will be replaced the next time you visit the web site that installed them in the first place.

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Hi sbohne,


I work for Citrix the makers of GoToMyPC, as you guessed this is a false positive which happens from time to time. Please feel free to contact our our toll free support anytime you have any security concerns related to our service or software, we have agents available 24/7 https://www.citrixgc...contact/g2p/g2p I can assure you that we do not employ any kind of Trojan behavior, you can read about how our service works here https://www.gotomypc...Technology.tmpl


Warm regards,


Glenn Dobson | QAManager Global Customer Support

CitrixOnline Division http://www.citrixonline.com/ Citrix Systems,Inc.


On Twitter@GlennDCitrix

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