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A Common Problem


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When trying to post or reply to a message, you may receive the error "Sorry, you do not have permission to (whatever you were doing)". This can happen for two reasons:


1) You are logged in as a Guest. Log in with your account name and password, making sure that it shows you as logged in at the top of the forum right under the PC Pitstop logo.


2) Before you can post a message, you must reply to the forum validation email message you receive. By replying to this email, we know that you actually control the email address you used during registration and that it is valid. It may take a few minutes for this email to arrive. If you have an account with some sort of spam protection, it may be blocked. If you need to have the message re-sent to you, use the link marked "Resend validation email" near the top of the page.


Also, make sure your browser is not blocking cookies. Our site uses cookies to remember your login, so if you block them it will think you are an unregistered guest.

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