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I seem to be missing a few things.


I don't have smileys ("enable emoticon" has been checked).


I don't have the buttons for insert quote, insert jpg, insert url, etc.


Any ideas?

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Well, I took a screenshot, but now I can't figure out how to post it. (LOL)


Compared to your screenshot,


I am missing all the emoticons to the right of the text box.


I am missing all of the styles/features above the text box.


I am missing the "Attachments" section below the text box.


And, I don't have a peace sign, either.




The only clue I have is the operation of NoScript. It is behaving strangely at this site. The icon above the clock has a forward slash through it, and is entirely black beneath the slash. Hovering over the icon produces a message that says "Scripts partially allowed". Right-clicking on the icon produces produces a message box with fewer options than normal: Allow scripts globally, Revoke temporary permissions, Recently blocked sites, Untrusted, and Forbid PCPitstop. In short, I can't figure out how to give PCPitsop full, rather than partial, permission.


I also use AdBlock.

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From the description it sounds like a Firefox add-on is not playing nicely. Some of the buttons do rely on Windows scripting.


If you access the forum in Internet Explorer does anything change? Do you have the latest version of NoScript?

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The good news is that everything works in IE, and everything works in Firefox if I disable the entire NoScript program.


But, until I allowed googleapis.com (which had been forbidden, though I no longer know why), I couldn't set NoScript to allow PCPitstop.


I don't understand what is going on, but hey, I've got the PCPitstop site running well, so I'm happy.



Many thanks, IG. :b33r:



Now I've got a REAL gripe. Somebody didn't restore the Hook-em-Horns smiley to the list. This is an insult to all Texas Exes (alumni). First the Lone Star flag gets stolen, and then Hook-em-Horns smiley disappears. This site's just goin' to hell. :lol:

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