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New Laptop Windows 7

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I just bought an HP Pavilion Laptop with Windows 7 on it and almost nothing I own will work on it. So far, I got my quicken on it but I still have to install Open Office because my Office 2000 doesn't work too well. Too many issues. I got Thunderbird retrieving my email from all six servers but I still can't "send" an email. Still got the big boy, Prescott 3.2E on an old Intel 875PBZ with 2GB ram on a Raid-0. It still works well so I have lots of time to get used to this new system. Seems very stable and forgiving so far. Darn thing is lightning fast.


I tried to run the PitStop test on it. I put a copy of the url formy test summary page in my profile but I'm not sure if that is the correct page to link to. Here is the url I used



I started using PCPitstop tests many years ago and I am still used to the old scoring and ranking. It seems to have changed quite a bit from years ago. I'm not sure just how to make accurate comparisons. I still think my old P4 moves pretty good. Still does a cold boot in 45 seconds. But I knew I had to get use to this new system sooner or later. I'm very curious whether this is a decent laptop because it's probably the only new one I'm going to be allowed to buy. ;-)


PS: I just tried the TechExpress link to the left and it took me to my older test of my P4 and not the one I just replaced it with in my profile. Perhaps it needs some time to update.

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Office 2000 is ancient, it won't open files created with newer versions and you are much better off using Open Office.


The Thunderbird issue isn't a compatibility problem, but is a setting somewhere that you have incorrect. A new thread in user user with details will likely get that resolved quickly.


You need to edit your tech express link with the new one and you should be all set with that.

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I believe you are correct. Ten years seems to be a reasonable lifespan for some not-so-cheap software. I've been playing with Open Office for a little while and it seems great.


I tried to reset my TE link. We will see.

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I am not sure what I am doing wrong but each time I try to aim that Tech Express link toward my new results, it keep displaying my old computer. I am not sure exactly which page or which link I need to copy and paste into my profile for that to work correctly.


So I guess it seems like this computer doesn't exist yet but I will try again.


I can easily get to the page by logging in and see all my computers listed with their respective results in a link to the right of each one. The URL to that page looks too generic to use. When I click on the results for this new HP, I can see the results page and it has a specific URL so that is what I pasted into the TechLink thing in my profile but I have done that twice now and it keeps pointing back to my old computer.


I just tried it again and I think I see what is happening. The URL for my old computer keeps getting substituted for the new one because when I enter the new URL, I get a message that says, "Your content exceeds that maximum allowable amount" or something like that. So it just keeps putting my old URL back in its place.

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