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XP to Win 7 Video score

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I have a question about my 2d video score. I was getting really great results, when I had XP Pro installed on my machine. Now that I've formatted the drive, and installed Win 7 Ultimate on my machine, my 2d score has gone down considerably. I was in the high 200's with xp and now I'm down to 130. Can somebody help me understand this? I already checked to see if there was a newer driver for my nvidia go7600 video card, and I'm up to date on that. Is it that win 7 uses so much more eye candy, that it lowers the score? I was just curious if there was an easy fix or download that I was missing. I haven't noticed any lack of performance while watching HD content. I normally only go as high as 720p, when I view HD on the machine. Usually in the form of a .mkv file. Here is the link to my TechExpress score:




Thank You,

Mark Balcher

Meriden, CT USA

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