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Deleting old installations...

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I recently had a virus on one of my computers that was registered as one of my 5 PC Pitstop licenses. Unfortunately a virus got the machine and I had to completely wipe out the system software and start all over. When I reinstalled the OS software, the new install took over a NEW license on PC Matic. Then I switched another computer from Visa to Windows 7. This machine took the last license of the 5. So now I have 2 licenses dedicated to two units! I realize that If the old licenses are not used in 60 days they will become available. But I have other machines that I would like to protect with PC Matic. (I have five machines total!) Is it possible to release those that are not being used before 60 days? I paid for five 12 month subscriptions, I would really like to use all 12 months! Thanks!

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