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Theoretical "Pixel Occlusion" Filtering Method

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The idea is that odd or even numbered pixels can be occluded from a rendered frame, and the second frame would compensate by inverting the occlusion. This should, in theory, double your rendering speed by rendering only half of the pixels for each frame, while maintaining full image quality.


Here's an example of how a completed frame would appear.


Posted Image


Does this seem viable to anyone? Discuss.


EDIT: Make sure you view the image at it's full size, as it doesn't present an accurate depiction when scaled down.

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It's impossible to see how it works in a still shot. Though, I don't see it as a very good idea. You'd have to run at double the framerate to get the same amount of pixels, and I could imagine it wouldn't work too well if the FPS drops below 60. And there is also the issue of running multiple GPUs, which could lead to synchronisation issues.


Read up on Tile based deferred rendering, Jake. It has a lot more promise, considering it's actually currently used, albeit in the iPhone.

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