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I'm using PC Matic on several computers - i'm very happy with it.

But i have some wishes to steer the functions:


1. i have some pc's (notebook's), pcmatic changes the sound drivers - the new one doesn't work, so i had to go back to the old drivers

--> i am missing an option to set a driver permanently to a "blacklist/whitelist" for a selected pc and show the drivers "green"


2. i have to use vnc - it always will be uninstalled due to "malware", when i don't select it

--> i am missing an option to set a "malware" permanently to a "blacklist/whitelist" for a selected pc and show the malware-list "green"


3. as mentioned, i have several pc's - is there any possibility to manage my pc's via internet?



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For the sound driver issue we need to correct the driver recommendation from this end.


Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information.


You can open a ticket from here:




For the VNC, reinstall the program, run a scan, then from the scan results page before the clean-up, click on the red rectangle under the malware scan to look in the malware scan high-level threats for the process and add it to the White List.


You can mange other PC's remotely through the Internet using the browser and scheduler. To access the PC Matic scheduler, from the My PC's screen, click on the link under or by 'Next Test' to the right of the computer name that you want to schedule. If this is the first time, it will read as 'None Scheduled'. You can also run a scan and clean and there is an option in the upper right corner to set a schedule from the screen with the summary of fixes.


Thank you for choosing PC Matic.

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