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How To Ask For Help.


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Give as much specific information as possible.

Explain what problem you are seeing, and what you have already tried.

If there are error messages, post the exact text of the error. whenever possible, run the PC Pitstop tests and post a TechExpress link to your results.


Also on the "Topic Description" that you see on each new thread you make please include a brief description on the "nature of the problem".


How to Post your Tech Express Test Results


If running a test is not possible, please state your operating system and as much machine info as you can.


Be polite and patient. If someone has the answer they will post it. It may take a day or so before you get an answer, but often you'll have a reply in minutes.


Thanks from the pitcrew and all the regulars here!!

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It would be much appreciated if you could let us know if you receive a reply which helps solve your problem.


Our volunteers spend a lot of time sharing their knowledge or researching information so it would be very encouraging for them to know the outcome. It would also be helpful for others who may have the same problem so they could try the fix as well.


Many thanks for your consideration! :)

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