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Hi guys, I ran all the test and one of the results was to change my Reciever Buffer from Default to 64240 which i did manually, but when i run the test again (3 times actually) it keeps tellling me to change it, for some reason it is not picking up that i made the changes, I have rebooted and double check the registry and it is showing the change, sooo did I ?? lol

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Please post an OverDrive link so that we can see what is taking place on your computer. You will need to copy and paste the URL from the results page into your reply:


If you need help, there is a tutorial here:




Morning:) and per your request here is the Overdrive link, let me give you just a brief rundown on what im trying to accomplish, my computer is very very slow lately, I ran all the spyware, malware, disk frag, had Julie look at the Hijack log and maybe a few changes but otherwise everything is good. Computer is just sooo slugish, even trying to do mail takes forever so thats why im making changes per the test results, i have empty my recycle bin, Clear IE Cache , Reduce Browser Cache Overflow , and also the Internet buffer but the test keep coming back that the changes were not made.


thanks :)



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The number one issue with that computer at the moment is the lack of hard drive free space. With Only 6% free it is going to be painfully slow and unable to defrag or complete many other tasks that requires writing to the hard drive.


PC Pitstop recommends 25% free space and my personal preference is for 40% free space.


First try running Disk Cleanup (sorry, but I do not recall if that is a feature in Win2K. If it is, it will be under Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools) and CCleaner: http://download.cnet.com/ccleaner/


If necessary, manually empty the recycle bin. Once you have cleaned up as much junk as possible, if you are still not at 25% free space, you will need to move or delete additional files to meet the goal.


Once you have enough free space on the drive, try this guide to a 'clean defrag' : http://bctis.com/page.php?11


Once the hard drive is cleaned up and defragged, let us know if the computer is still running slowly and if you are still unable to make the registry edits 'stick'. You can also try using DrTCP to make the buffer size change: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/578

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Ok I was able to get the disk to 21% free space and thats about the best I can do as its not that big of a hard drive. I used DrTcp and that made the buffer size "stick" and the "internet Speed" fix really helped alot also, My question is when trying to run Disk Cleanup it hangs on the Compress old files and I went to the Microsoft support page and it says to delete the registry values which i can do but it also says by doing this disk cleanup "skips" that part of the process, well that doesnt help much then in the deleting of the compress files does it? hmmmmm? just interesting I thought


Computer is running better though still hangs at times and i have to reboot



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Other than getting a larger hard drive, I think you've done all that you can do. I would suggest that you go ahead and delete the compress old files option. It does not save enough space to be worthwhile and just messes up the disk cleanup.


Next time the computer hangs, check the hard drive light and see if it is on solid. Could be the drive is looking for enough space to write something large.

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