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Logitech LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse


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OK, I don't know what the deal is on this NEW MOUSE I got, but when I press down on the middle button on this mouse, does it do something on the screen? No! You have to press harder for something to happen. One of these days the wheel button will break, and then I'm taking this thing back to Walmart saying, "Hey! The wheel button doesn't work correctly!"



You get what you paid for.



I bought this to replace a broken optical mouse after the left mouse button stopped clicking, and then a retractable corded mouse had problems with its wheel button (Can someone say EPIC FAIL?!) ... Every other feature that does work include tilt wheel and programmable side buttons. I'm not sure which of these two extra buttons can be used for, but the software doesn't have options to calibrate them on a per-application basis.

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Don't take it back to Wally World. Call Logitech and tell them your issue. They'll mail you a new one for free. I've had to do this for my LX6 twice for issues w/ the receiver.

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wow, someone that still pays for long distance. neato, er, i mean FAIL!!!!!!


anyways, the ONLY mic i use and recomend are logitech. only ever had 1 bad one, and that was the mx1000 due to the fualty receiver that they later refreshed to a new hardware.


hell, i'm still using an old mouseman or something like that. going on 8 years now and still work beautifully, provided you don't get car hair in the sensor.


i would call them up and talk to them.

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