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What are you Eating or Drinking

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I cooked dinner tonight.


Maple salmon, it's very good


1/4 cup maple syrup (the real stuff)

2-tablespoons soy sauce

1-clove garlic

1/4 tsp garlic salt

1/8 tsp black pepper

1-lbs salmon


Mix all the stuff up in a bowl, place the salmon in a shallow baking dish, cover the salmon with the marinate and let it sit in the fridge for 30 min covered turning once.

bake at 400f (200c) uncovered for 20 min

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Homemade clam chowder with potatoes, onions cooked in Swanson's (fat free) chicken broth ... add 2 6.oz cans of clams (with juice), 1 cup of diced ham, 1 cup fat free half and half. When serving, add fresh ground black pepper. We don't use extra salt, but you can add it to your taste buds delight.

Homemade cheese n' spices, beer bread.


Yum! :mrgreen:

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I was so tired I did not want to cook but knew I had to.


Chicken and dressing (cheated used the boxed dressing)

Left over pinto beans - cornbread

Macaroni salad.


I need 6 good hours of sleep now :)

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Brown Beans with speck.

If you can see ladies Jacee and Juliet, my food is variable.

Sometimes I find it nice for experimental with eggs and other stuff.

Brown Beans with speck is an old recipe.

Over couple hours I take a minced-meat roll.

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Jacee wrote on Sunday, April 18 2010:



Watch the cholesterol people!!

Yes Mommy, I will do that.



No problem Jeri, it is sweet that you do think at us.

Just like Juliet, are you very kind and sweet.

Now tell I, what I have eaten, about 17.30h.;

I did eat mashed potatoes with hash.

In the mashed potatoes did I little salt and light butter.

The hash did I in the mashed potatoes and mixed that, after that, I took apple sauce.

In the most cases buy I fast food, this for save money, cooking is expansive, find I personally and then washing-up after this.

But sometimes find I, that I need potatoes or other stuff, when I eat every day fast food is that not good for me.


Juliet wrote today:


I had a puny supper


Piece of fried chicken and macaroni salad....


Macaroni salad, what is a Macaroni salad, Juliet?

Fried chicken delicious, but when I eat that, than I will be fat and that is not good for my health.

The House Doctor find that I must lost pounds, he find that I must go from 92 kg. to 75 kg., no said I.

I feel my happy with the weight what I have now, but when I doing what you want that I do, I will be ill, so Doctor keep dreaming, I want lose pounds, but not what you want.

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Fried cabbage with bacon & egg noodles.


Cut up a head of cabbage and fry it until it caramelizes with a pound of bacon cut into 1" squares.

Cook with no cover on the pan & only drain the bacon grease off once !!!.

Then boil up some egg noodles mix together and ENJOY !!. . . :drool: . :drool:

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