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What are you Eating or Drinking

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I eating bread, self made food from the Supermarkets, potatoes, sometimes take I a flour product, soup.

When I have sense, than I make my own product and that is with eggs and milk and sugar, tomato and tomato ketchup, satehsauce, mayonaise, banana; I call it Scramble eggs Volcano.

About drinking: I take milk, water, in the morning and afternoon; take I a cup of coffee and sometimes in the evening a cup of tea or cafeïne free coffee.

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it's saturday, which means bacon and eggs, toast with coffee. I usually cook breakfast on saturday


Sounds good, what time are we eating?
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It's pretty good...they make the stuff right in front of you and the steak and ribs are made to order. Huge selection as well. I didn't even know there was one near here until my I went there tonight.

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This Dutch afternoon, I drunk a cup coffee, this evening, I eat Macaroni with minced meat and Tomato sauce.

This food I will be mix and mjammie mjammie; delicious is that.




Maybe I mix also a banana in that stuff.

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