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just orderd a ati his 5870:)

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Good idea, try it first before RMA.


Just ask if you can exchange it for a Sapphire (not revision 2 with the blue pcb), Asus or MSI card. I've had no issues with these ones. RMA through NewEgg will be faster as well so do that.

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ok i think i found a fix i went in the ati profile folder and set all the memory clocks too 1200 memory like the high 3d clock and put 600mhzs for the core clock for the 2d and so far no flickering or black screens or grey screens.


i think the problem was the memory was at 900 which it doesn't like.



been playing bbc2 for about 3hours going threw cutscense and loading different servers with no problems before it would just black screen or gray screen.



i also looked on overclock forums and amd forums and pretty much alot of people having this trouble even with other brands so it seems like this problem is affecting alot of cards mainly people with more than 1 monitor and amd says it will be fix in 10.4 cats....


so far looks like i wont have too rma it yet





also i pretty sure i found the main cause of when i tried too overclocked too 875 and than i tried the memory from 1200 too 1235 and when i did that i started too get black lines and than both screens turnt gray on one screen and the main had blue and both of them had lines.


so after i got booted back in windows i ony change the core too 875 and left the memory the way it is 1200 and its all fine so it seems like the memory 2d and 3d doesn't like too be two different clocks so i might beable too set the 2d core clock down lower.



does anyone know how too put the memory too a higher overclock in profile settings? for the clocks they got in there its 120000 and when i tried 123500 it didn't like it at all and restarted i want too see if i clock all of them too the same overclock for the memory and see if its stable.

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hmm is it possible that my card is locked from overclocking?


cause if i try overclocking the core and the memory at the same time from either overdrive or msi or even amd gpu tool it will go on a blue screen.


i just reflash again.. and put all the clocks too 875 and 1235 memory and so far its not crashing from overclocking in the bios. so something is telling me its either drivers or the card is locked.



i can overclock the core in overdrive but as soon as i higher the memory 10mhzs it gets unstable and blue screen with lines.



im also gonna try the card in my 939 socket pc and see if i have any of these problems on there.

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Oh yeah, if you're going to use AMDGPUTOOL to overclock and you use either CCC or afterburner at the same time wonky things will happen. I use use afterburner alone for ocing after changing the settings in CCC and applying them.

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ok i see what it does ony using afterburner for overclocking.



so far after forcing all the clocks with 875 and 1230 in bios just for testing it seems like im not getting any flickering or gray screens yet.



gonna see how this does for today if everything goes well gonna put the stock bios back on well atis updated one and just use afterburner and don't touch ccc or amd tool.


i give a update later on hopefully a good update lol...

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ok another update its stable with the 10.1 hot fixes than any other driver i tried and i could overclock the core with no problems right now i have it at 905 for right now but whenever i try too clock the memory over 1200 like say 1220 it will freak out and the screen would either turn in too a gray screen or this time it just turn in a solid gray screen and i had too force restart this happen when i just loaded a video program up too watch a video.


oh and i also flash back ati updated bios and put all the memory on the clocks in bios too 1200 and put the low 2d clock too 300 which seems too do fine.


so is this normal or? its fine if i leave it at 1200 but i would think this card would at least do 1220 or is it the drivers still? cause i can overclock the core with no problems at all.

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hmm it might be something with power like psu.. which hard too believe sense its a power and cooling 750watts...


i tried ati overdrive testing tool and let it do it thing and well when it was done it had it set at 890 and 1250 for the memory but when i loaded a game bbc2 it made it threw the menu and it got stuck on the loading screen and suprizely it didn't restart the screen just went black and grey than come back with driver reset error which i never saw this before it just restarted.



but i just figured i try stock settings again and than try too overclock the card memory and the core which i tried 900 and 1230memory and guess what the game loaded and i was playing.


so i went back in bios and put my overclock back on even a more stable one 4ghzs with voltage settings up and stuff like its normal been.



got in windows put the core clock too 875 and than i tried the memory at 1215 bang... blue screen with stripes as soon as i push set so i went back in bios and lowered it back too stock and even tried the cpu at 3ghzs instead of 3.4stock.



got back in windows again.. and tried too do the same 875 and 1215 it worked...


so does this lead too power lost which means psu cant handle the load? maybe this is why my 4890 didn't overclock good either... and maybe why my crossfire with 4890 and 4850 never worked right sense i saw blinking textures in games..





so what do you think psu? or maybe both of them just don't like being overclock together?


im gonna overclock the core a bit more too find the max and just leave the memory at stock and and see what it does in couple days. cause if it was the psu wouldn't it cause it too crash for the core too?


alot of people also did say most 5870s memory cant be overclock much sense its already high at stock.

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hmm ya i figured the 06 score looks too be right but vantage kinda seem a bit low too me tho i kinda comparing scores with i7s.. so maybe thats why i think they low sense the i7s score much better on bench s than amds...



i found this bench mark test which is another i7.. lol





but it seems like my 5870 is doing good



that i7 with the 5870 is getting around 17k in vantage



and the gpu score for them is 15581 which im sure its higher for them now sense updated drivers but i just tested my gpu score ony im getting almost 18k think it was around 17800 which my core is at 920.



the cpu score is another story.. lol they got around 24k my amd is around 13500... so that's problee why they getting higher.



so i guess my pc is scoring the way it should.

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also how do i know if my HIS 5870 is a referance PCB ? i herd the non ones from other makers doesn't overclock well but also doesn't let you change the voltage in afterburner.


i could change my voltage in afterburner and when i change it it shows its running what i put it at and also looked in gpuz and it also showed there so i guess i have a referance card?


and so far i got my core over 920 and problee can go higher i just didn't try higher yet i just cant touch the memory too overclock or the extra 10 or 15mhzs will stripe the screen or blue screen.



but so far its doing well haven't had a single gray screen or flicker or any problems as long as i don't overclock the memory.

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thanks intratech i updated directx and i think i gained a few fps:)



also another update on the card



so far its running stable i also updated too the 10.3 betas with no problems and than i overclocked the core speed too 990mhzs and its been stable gonna try 1000 tonight and see what it does.


the memory is another story it just doesn't like too be overclock over stock 1200 im not sure why but other than that the card been running normal and running nice and cold too.



but i guess the card is a keeper sense it haven't had any problems sense i did couple tweaks in the bios which i just flash the memory speeds too all 1200 stock and haven't has any flickering or gray screens or stripe lines and seems too be a good overclocker for the core sense there alot of 5870s i see that cant get 1000 core.




ony thing im having trouble with is sometimes i always leave it on 24/7 and when i wake up and go too the computer nothing works the computer is on but it doesn't respond with the keyboard or mouse or the monitor wont come on i have too push the reset button...


i don't think its the card at all sense it will game for hours with no problems.


i might have too change some settings in the motherboard bios sense i did change couple settings for the ram.

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another update so far its been running fine even having the core overclock too 990mhzs the memory is a different story more than 5mhzs on the memory overclocking in software will stripe the screen or grey the screen.


but today i manage too get the memory higher threw overclocking threw the card bios and have it at 1230 right now and its fine also got the core at 900 for now.


but heres the problem i was playing dirt 2 than i was hearing the fans going up than i looked over on my 2nd screen with Everest and gpuz monitoring it and saw that the temps shot up they was getting in the 90s all the temps.. than i saw the vddc and it was showing 1.625 i was like wth????? but the game was running fine so i max out the fan too 100% and ran it again and it still was showing 1.625volts and the temps was up there but was lower 70s and 80s.


and than i looked at the vddc amps and they was showing 80+ amps... even Everest was showing which reads the gpu vrm at the same 80+ amps. when its normal its around 60s which even that seems a bit high


than i restarted it and tried it again and the temps was nice and cold again 50s and mid 60s with the fan ony on 50% and the volts was at the stock 1.175 volts.



so now im wondering if it is my psu on its way out?? would a psu cause it too push more volts into hardware than it suppose too??



its pretty much hard too believe a power and cooling 750watts 60amp single rail would have a problem but i guess anything can happen now adays...



this also happen couple days ago playing ever quest i was wondering why i hear buzzy noises and i looked at the temps and they was 90+ and i had the fan at 30 or 40% which always stayed cold i just ignored it and restarted the game and just thought the game caused a bug or something



also will a volt meter narrow it down whatever the psu is on its way or not?


i tried it and it was at 12.25 but was moving alot but the battery's on my meter is showing low batt so that could be why gonna put a new battery in it tonight.


and see if it moves because when i last tested the psu with my 4890 about 3months ago it was solid as a rock didn't move at all.

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yep i almost freaked when i saw that.. sense i herd 1.30 is the safe range...


not sure if it was false but the temps was really hot 90+ so it problee was right...




and again it was showing 1.65 just a few min ago just siting idle and temps was climbing was all 50s and 60s even with 50% fan usely its in the 30s.


so i restarted and its so far is fine again and temps is 30s.



tho would the card run stable if temps was 90+ and volts was that high? cause it seemed when playing dirt 2 it wasint even glitching or any slowdowns.



but ya gonna test the psu after i charge up the battery's for the volt tester.. and if the rail isint solid i guess its the psu fault? last time i tested it with the 4890 heck even in crossfire with the 4890 and 4850 it was solid think it was 12.10 and stayed there the whole time.

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i had the stock bios on it when it happen couple days ago this one is the stock ati updated one but ony things i change is the main 3d clock which i put 900core and 1230 memory didn't touch the volts at all.



also i was looking around and found out alot of people fix there overclocking problems when they flashed too the asus 5870 bios?


but im not sure if it will work with the HIS sense they had sapphires and xfxs and Msi,s



wish i had another pc that would work with this card... ony other pcie system i have is my 939 socket but it ony stays on a black screen at boot up like its not getting enough power or something even tho i been running a 4890 in that system i even had crossfire running on it 4890 and the 4850 but maybe the board is not compatible with the 5800s would be nice if it worked sense that would narrow stuff down..


unless i try the psu that is in the 939 in my main one but really not sure if the psu is up too it but its a pretty decent one hiper 580watts 680watt peak and with duel rails which i don't like i prefer single ones but psu was solid last time i check with the test volter.

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  • 2 weeks later...

update i found the problem that was causing the voltage too go too 1.65


i was looking at overclock.net ati forums and saw some other person was having the same issue and at the end it was everest causeing both of us the problem..


for some reason when that's running it will make the card run at 1.65v so i kept that off and just used cpuid hardware monitor and gpuz and its been fine for the pass week:)



and update on the overclocking the card is now overclocked at 970 core and 1300 memory!!:)


i always thought it was just a bad overclocker but for some reason the memory just doesn't like too be software overclocked in windows..


but really no problem i just flash the memory clocks too 1300 and its fine it im also running it always full speed instead in 2d with msi after burner and the card haven't gave me any problems for about week and half.


so it seems too not like the downlclocking much but card stays cold anyways even at full 3d clocks so i don't really care about the low 2d power saving stuff.



one problem tho is HIS support pretty much sucks really bad....



i did a ticket just too ask if they have a bios update or a fix for the 2d clocking and this was last friday the 26th of march and they still haven't got back too me and i even emailed them a few more times still nothing..


so i contacted newegg about switching cards for another maker sense if this card dies just for some reason i cant even do a rma with his..


i even was gonna get the 2gb version which is 500$ but newegg at first said there will be a restocking fee of 57$ so i told them im not going for that so the first lady in chat just terminate the chat and put someone else on so it pretty much happen again after i told them i would like too get another company card she said about the restocking fee and all i said is i have too talk too the other people in the house about that and can i get back too you and bang another terminate and a guy now comes on...


and said he reviewed my case and manger and him agreed too let the restocking fee go if i buy the card i wanted first which was 500$ and than send the other card back and when they get it they will give store credit so i said ok i was happy with that but i didn't think right sense i thought store credit was towards the card im gonna replace it with...


so i emailed the guy after that after he aready set up a rma and told him why cant i just buy the new card for 500$ and send the old card back and they refund the money too the card i payed with. and i told him if teh store credit is just for newegg and doesn't go back in my bank that i cant do that because my bank was getting low already and i cant afford too be spending that much. and said if so im just gonna keep the card if its that way.


so he got back and told me if you want too keep the card than just leave the rma expire because they cant do it any other way and the store credit is just for newegg 380$ what i paid for the card....



so i guess that's it im stuck with the card even if it breaks even tho its working really nice now but you never know...



but it seems like they do make good products sense my his 4890 is still going with no problems so hopefully this one will do the same at least for a year or less till the ati 6000s comes out lol...

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oh i also chatted with newegg again and try my luck again and still a no go but i told them i still haven't herd back from HIS for a simple question sense i told newegg i really don't have any problems with the card just the 2d down clocking problem and they seemed too know about it when i told them and told them anyway they could try too contact them and they said try again and if you don't hear back from them again contact newegg and they see what they can do about it.



i be happy if HIS would at least get back too me so i know i wont have any problems in the future with the for rma's if i have any problems..



edit update HIS Finally got back too me so at least they still over there... lol

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