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Can't log into Pc Matic

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When I attempt to log into my Pc MAtic dash board, I get an error messages that either my email address or password it too short.

I has the password emailed to me to verify that it is correct and I am using the email address used to purchase the license.




I downloaded and ran the PC Matic Trial. From there I registered and purchased the license.

On the license receipt page, I clicked the download application link- which replaced the trial copy.

When I attempted to insert the activation code, I received another error message stating that the email address had already been used and the account could not be modified. I assumed this was due to an old (years ago?) account which I may have created, so I created another account with a new email address and attempted to apply the license code to it. I can log in with that account and password, however the dashboard states that though I have one registered pc, my user is unlicensed- BUT I can not insert the license code due to an error message that states that the account can not be modified.


My next attempt was to attempt to log in with the original email address found on my receipt. I was unable to log in due to an error stating that the password was too short- it is only 5 characters, but it is the password associated with the account according to the retrieve password email sent from Pitstop.

Why it would allow me to register with a password which is too short to begin, I don't know.


All I know is that I seem to have 2 accounts now- an original one whose password is too short and a new one that is unlicensed and will not accept the activation code from the receipt.



as you can imagine, I am really :pullhair: at this point.



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I bought a new HP PAVILION  Bought pcmatic   bought a download   Could NOT DOWNLOAD   Went to PC to see if it was the problem and could NOT LOgin  I am not tech savey so I am beyond frustrated   This is my THIRD site saying PCMATIC HELP then "We will ONLY charge $5.00"   HELP

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Hello Kathy. 


We are responding.  it appears our replies are being sent to your spam folder.  Please take a look. 


You were refunded by our Tech Brandon on 3/19 as requested.  You were last responded to by our Tech Joe. 


Please check your spam folder or contact your ISP so our communications are no longer blocked. 


Thank you. 

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Hola @Doyce R. Reeves and :wpcm:

Are you having trouble launching PC Matic or logging into your account?


The best bet is to open a ticket at our Help Desk so we can get the right info for you to get this resolved. If you would please, open a ticket at the link below.



Tx 🤠

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