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"Junk files" found by PCM

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I just ran PCM and it's listing KB Uninstallers as junk. It's never "found" or classified them as junk before. I'm a lil leery of letting it rip and gettin rid of those w/ out knowing if that's necessarily advisable.


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What do you think?



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Optimize has had that feature for several months. We recently added it to PC Matic as well.


There should not be any uninstallers targeted that are less than 90 days old. By the time 90 days have passed, there is usually another hotfix/update that is dependent on one that has gone before, so uninstalling an older hotfix and leaving newer ones is inadvisable. It is generally known within a day or two if there is a problem with an update. I can't think of any time when one would be uninstalled months later.


For the typical user, old uninstallers can be using as much as 1.5 GB of hard drive space.

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Absolutely. I've been deleting mine manually for years.





You learn something new every day.



Thank you sir.

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