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I have never played on a console, Wii or any other.

The local VFW, wants to start a Wii bowling (and other games) league.


Now, I am assuming from what they have said, they wish to project the

picture onto a pull down screen. Like four by six feet.

Does a Wii connect directly to the projector? Idea of what projector I might need.


If they go with other games, can you lan several Wii's through a PC and play?


What I have set up so far for them, is a 16 port gbit switch, (used for BF2), a C2D 6320 (2X500Gig HDDS)

server, and a P4 520 for voice. The room also has wireless if needed.


Can someone tell me what I need, or point me to the right place.



Thanks RAH

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