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windows 7 wont boot problems..


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ok everything was working fine and i was arranging my files around on my other hard disk which had vista on it which i keep as a backup incase something goes wrong like this...


so i was in a folder which i had a backup install of vista registy.reg k so i got up and go too get something too drink and came back and my cat was on my desk and there was about 20 boxes open up which was that reg file and it said do you want too add this info i kept saying know and was hopeing my cat didn't click yes.....



so i restarted hopeing it boots and well it doesn't... it says about boot manger cant load 7 because of a device is missing im guess my raid 0 drivers sense vista was on a regular hard drive.



so i pop in my windows 7 disk and tried too do boot repair well it took about 5min attempting repair than it says cant repair and in the info says error bad driver...



so i pretty much not sure what too do i cant really do clean sense i have almost a tb of files on that 2tb disk which is 2x1tbs



i booted in vista which works and the drive is there and all my files is still there which i could copy my stuff over too my other 2x1tbs.



but is there any other way too get windows 7 back up and running? instead of going all that copying and a fresh install of windows and copy everything back..



is there a option too repair the registry back too windows 7s? or a fresh install of the registry?




what about upgrade install? does that work with out running in windows?


right now im at work but like too see what options i have for when i get home.



also im using raid 0 so not sure if upgrade install will work sense i never tried it.



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