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Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization


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I found this feature not long after I started using Win 7 Pro (64-bit) when it first came out in production. I have a couple of 32-bit applications that refused to install, even in compatibility mode. By installing this feature, I now have the Weather Channel back on my system and can get the temp at a glance. I also have other applications running under XP-Mode.


The feature actually installs as a virtual XP machine inside of Win 7, that can be started at any time that it is needed. After installation, I used the Windows update to bring the XP machine up to current state as far as system updates are concerned. I also do it monthly when I update the parent system.


You can have multiple applications running on it. What makes it a really great feature is that you can pin (copy) a shortcut to you Win 7 desktop. This way you don't have to go through the allprograms menu. By hitting the shortcut, XP-mode will automatically start and the application will be loaded. After ending the application, XP-mode will stop and will hibernate until needed again.


Please note that this only works on Professional, Enterprise & Ultimate versions only!!


If you want to see the Microsoft site, click here, Microsoft XP-Mode site, or you can simply go the site on the original post.


(LOVE IT!!!) :clap:

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