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Well, VCR part is dead


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Well, for a product that's been made from CHINA they sure didn't do a good job making this DVD-VCR combo reliable.

The other day, my VCR quit playing tapes now, as the video output has now turned to snow. And as I was swabbing out the heads, that's when I discovered that the video heads had got so worn out that they have literally flaked right off of the video head drum.

I tried to ask somebody for help over on Facebook but they act like it's a speed/control track problem, and I'm like "No, it's not!". And now I'm like "Don't make me block you because you don't know a :filtered: thing about VCRs!"

As if fiddling around with the control head will screw your VCR more than ever.


I would have opted to have it repaired but does it look like I can spend $$$ to replace 4 video heads, 2 flying audio heads, much less the entire video head drum, and re-align the control track head, change the drive belt (it squeaks), and maybe change the pinch roller? (For some reason I was recording on new video tapes and it made "impressions" into it already.)


Being that this was a DVD-VCR combo player, maybe I'd be better off buying a new one rather than shell out the big cash for the repair cost and shipping costs:


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