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whineing noise?

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im not sure if this is a problem but i figure i ask.



today when i was playing some games like need for speed pro street and dirt 2 i herd a weird whineing noise when its going threw the start up videos of the games but doesn't do it on game play or any other game.


at first i thought it was my speakers making the noise but it wasn't it was coming from inside of the case its a low pitch very small beeping and whineing noise and its not the fans sense they run full speed always and ony does it on some games like the ones i listed.



im gonna open the case and see if i could hear were its coming from but i figured i post about it too see what the problem could be in the mean time.






its the system in my sig

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ok ty:)


at first i thought the capacitors was ready too pop on the card or on the board but they look fine.



if it was the card dieing i problee would've had to jump on the 5870 lol


but don't have too now sense the 4890 is still going strong in gaming:)



still would be nice too have the 5870 and the Eyefinity going with 3 monitors:)


if i do go that route later on im gonna get 2 more of the hanns g 28in sense i aready have one and have all of them going.

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