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Dynex router stops responding...

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Whats happening is when ever I try to view the shared files and folders on the other computers or just try to view the workgroup computer on our home wireless network the router stops responding and the only way to fix it is to reset it. The windows XP computers can all network fine with each other but when it come to trying to network with the windows 7 computer the router just stops responding. :pullhair:

Also I should probably add that the windows 7 computer works fine with the router when browsing the internet and when playing LAN games with the other computers in the network.


Some details about the hardware/setup:

Router is a Dynex DX-WGRTR v1000, Firmware version: DX-WGRTR_US_1.01.08

My computer is a Dell Vostro 1500 with windows 7 pro 64bit and has the Dell wireless 1395 WLAN minicard and can be seen in my tech express link.

All the other computer are running windows XP home edition 32bit. One is wired to the router and the other 2 are wireless.

All computers are in the same workgroup.

All the XP computer have the patch for networking with windows 7.

I do not have a "homegroup" set up in windows 7.


I put everything that I thought might be helpful to you guys in here but chances are you may need some more info so just ask and I'll get it for you. Thanks in advanced, I know you guys will help if you can.

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