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PCMatic shows all drivers up up date


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The issue you are experiencing with OverDrive/Driver Alert recommending drivers that PC Matic is not updating is temporary and should be resolved in the near future. The reason this has happened is that OverDrive and Driver Alert 1.0 will recommend all drivers that are available for the detected hardware, whereas PC Matic (and Driver Alert 2.0) can only use drivers that have been packaged in an auto-install format. Unfortunately there is some lag time between when the drivers are detected and entered into our database and when they are re-packaged into a format that can be used by PC Matic (and Driver Alert 2.0).


This is an ongoing process and the drivers in your OverDrive scan will become available for automatic installation by PC Matic in the coming weeks.


Thank you for your patience and thank you for purchasing PC Matic.

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