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Olympus fe-25 Camera Review


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it's and amazing camera, 10.1 megapixels, i have purchased many cameras and found the quality of this model superb for a camera under 90 dollars :tup:


it's the perfect camera but one downside and a serious flaw, there is no built in microphone, this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen in a camera :lol:


this review clearly describes a built in microphone




* Type Microphone - Built-in

* Microphone Technology Electret condenser

* Microphone Operation Mode Mono




yes' that's correct, don't trust reviews, in fact contact the manufacturer before purchasing anything, this is the twentieth time this has happened to me, i have gotten stuff from many online retailers and due to typos i ended up with something that needed to be exchanged.


newegg for example fails to mention anything about a microphone and one person left a comment' an interesting comment.


Pros: Camera worked great, nice size...

Cons: I was extremely disappointed to find out that the video recording feature did not have sound. No where in the NewEgg description did it say this. I contacted Newegg and luckily their superior customer support gave me an RMA (this was nonrefundable).

Other Thoughts: If you dont care about recording video with sound, this camera is really nice and has a good price



shop smart folks, do extensive research and avoid products that have half butt features, besides' how dumb is it to have exceptional video "avi video" and no damn sound B)

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How is it a "flaw" that it doesn't have a microphone? :lol:


Thats not a flaw. I looked at the specs at the Olympus site, and New Egg, it never listed one in the specs.


The "flaw" is in the zdnet review not the camera. ;)

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the camera has a youtube sticker on it, i suppose i can create a silent film and use the black and white affect and maybe put in some subs :lol:


edit: the batteries died with 10 pics and three minutes of video :huh:

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Sounds like a crappy camera man. I use a 10.3 MP Kodak Easy Share (130 bucks) and it looks great and has video/sound and pretty good battery life. You can delete the photos, it has like 7 different picture modes, and you can change the quality of videos and there's also a few effects.

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Duane if you want a video camcorder, then I suggest that is what you get :lol:


Depending on a still picture camera for video recording isn't the best strategy.


Invest in a couple sets of rechargeable batteries and always keep a set or two with you.


I have a great digital camera Olympus 5050z (5 mega pixel ), I wouldn't trade it for any of the new 10 megapixel point and shoot stuff.


Don't be fooled by the number of mega pixels when buying a camera.


Go for quality, spend a little more, and you will be much happier for years to come then buying budget camera's that boast nothing more then a high mega pixel count.

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i agree 100% bruce and the camera puts out amazing quality hd images, panoramic pics are mind blowing.


it's an awesome camera, i just feel cheated considering other cameras in it's class have built in mics.


the kodak adam mentioned, i seen it for 99$ and chose the olympus.


i will keep the olympus and take some stills so you guys can see for yourself how stunning the images are.

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Duanester is a rookie on using cameras :P:lol: j/k mate..


I was going to for this FE-25 myself, but settled with the Canon SD1200IS, it's a solid camera, I use it every so often (like once or twice every 2 weeks or sometimes more) and I have only put it on full charge once (almost a month ago), picture quality is fantastic..


Also the image stabilizer really works great..



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i am a rookie, your talking to a guy that thought his cell phone produced better pics :lol:




well' i couldn't take it anymore and picked up a kodak easyshare m340.........



i get great sound and video, fantastic still shots, no complaints now :P


but i am seriously thinking about investing in pro models so that i can swap lenses and let the kids have t5he kid cam !

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