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Ok, its been a while now that while online links resulting form a google search are redirected to a random site. I figured spyware and or malware. I updated all my scanners rebooted into safe mode scanned found a couple odds and sods but nothing dramatic.


Now things have advanced to the point where I did a google search for "Rootkit Scanners" and my screen went dark and locked all access, had to reboot. The reason for the rootkit search was because I was getting an error DCom Server Process Launcher Service Terminated unexpectedly, shut in 60 seconds.


I avoid the shutdown with the shutdown -a command but it does not solve the root issue.


Could someone walk through with me to see if we could detect what the issue is??


Thanks all!


I went ahead and posted to the Hijackthis forum here is the link to that post as well.



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