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Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder


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So I went out and bought a new USB 2.0 capture card, because this PCI card has been on its last legs since the Windows 7 launch day. I've been having to go into Ubuntu Studio to use it. This one package has a Dazzle* DVC-100 USB 2.0 capture device, and for some reason, it kinda looks ... and acts like the same thing i owned over 9 years ago! I had some troubles installing it because right off the bat Windows 7 had a missing driver for it, but I searched Google and found a solution right away. Can't capture video from within Windows Movie Maker, and I was like, WHY NOT? Tried NeroVision Express, but when I recorded test video for the first time, it had NO SOUND! I had sound cables plugged into the device and into the sound card. And now here comes the pain. Once I did get the sound hooked in that's when the device starts acting up and malfunctioning just like one of those earlier Dazzle* DVC 80 devices. I know the bandwidth on USB 2.0 devices can go as high as 24-56 MB/s, but this was just a lame excuse for failure. I want to be able to use it when I want to record video, not when I want to burn a DVD, and especially since my system has 4 out of 5 Windows Experience Index ratings above 5 or better, it has to work right! But each time I'm recording it'll record just a split second of video and then drop a crapton of frames.


Now What?


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My experience with vide capture is that any other process running will cause dropped frames.

When capturing, I switch off my screen saver, shut everything else down and ban the use of the PC until capture is complete.

The PC i use has an internal capture card on a pci slot and it still can't cope with anything else running and my processor and memory come in at 7.5 on the MS scale.

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