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Propane Explosion ....My Son Was Involved....

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My eldest son who is 25 was involved in a propane explosion.

He is in the Burn Unit in Hamilton General Hospital.

Three of them went to the Healing lodge located in our community.

Someone stole an appliance and that cause the break in the gas line.

This created a leak for a period of unknown days possibly weeks.

It became a time bomb that waited silently.

The 3 boys came along and just was about to go in.

They noticed the smell of propane gas and checked the main tank.

It is a 1000 litre tank that about 30 to 40 feet away from building.

They went to check the main valve however its under lock and key.

Then they proceed to enter the building and shut and check all valves for the heaters and appliances.

When they came to the end of the line one line could not be turned off

Because thats where the appliance was missing.

They deciced to run out.

On there way out they heard a low thud and yellow flame shot past overhead.

Next they saw a blue flash/flame engulf the surroundings they were in.

The first guy made out The second guy was pushed out by my son.

My son was pushed out by Unknown force.

We say this because we do believe in another power.

He felt that hands were pushing him.

Once they were out the building the clothing they wore was on fire.

They rolled on the snow to put out the fire.

The drive back to the community was approximate 13 kilometres.

Once they got back and others knew they were transfered to another van and taken to the local hospital.

The doctor diagnose them as 2nd degree burns treated them the best they can.

They were transfered to Hamilton.

Out of the 3 2 remain in hospital.

Its not a pretty site nor feeling watching your son in pain.

I did cry to watch him suffer.

My heart is out to him.

Im on my way down to see him in the hospital.

This happen Friday January 9 at 5:30 PM.

His friend he saved is a little more serious but is able to talk and understand things.

I thank the Spirits and the Creator for sparing these boys.

Both are 25 years of age and still have more years to live.

They both recieved facial burns 2nd degree.

Both of the there hands burned the skin was actually hanging from the hands,

His friend recieved the same burns but his back was burned along with his throat.

But he is in no life threating danger.

My Prayers to them both.

The third person recieved minor facial burns.

The appliance was a fridge and the one who stole it is the responsible person for this catastrophe.



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My sincere best wishes and prayers go out in behalf of your Son, his friends, you and the families.

Rapid and safe full recovery for all.


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You hang in there. Your son and the other boys are in the hands of the creator and he is watching over them.

He will give him and you the strength.


Big hugs to you and your family.

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What a stressful time this must be for you and your family Edward. The description of what happened to your son makes me cringe with the thoughts of how I would feel and how you must be feeling. Best wishes to all of you.

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I know your very busy and that this is a hard time for you, if at all possible please give us an update when you can.


Had a thought:

If you could send me a PM, and if you allow it, I would like to send a get well card?

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i arrived in hamiton

i plan on seeing the doc tomorrow

i really hope he can provides some positive news

mondays the day ill provide a better update

thank you for the love and support from all members

yes you can send get well card

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im sorry thought you meant post one here at the pit

my email address is in my profile the xplornet one

if that helps.....im a green horn when it comes to get well cards and such

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