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WooooooHooooooo!! Welcome aboard Paul442!!





Welcome Paul.. hoaa *jumps in joy* :mrgreen: ..


Thanks guys ... :) ... lets get ready to make our mark on this "shindig".


Anyone else want to rev up their rig for the big dance? ... :bigsmile:

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hey guys, if player numbers become an issue, and that is not meant as a dis. trp would would more than welcome you all on our team. a little team work per chance to overcome them nasty ocf'er. just a thought.


or ........ you could come play for us!



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anyone needing a new case??


then join our team for the comp and you might win one of five of these from one of the competitions kind sponsors :- http://coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=2912


and there are more prizes to be won too.. all you have to do is play and submit an oc score to be in with a chance of winning some of them. ;)


good luck pcpitstop. :tup:




Holey crap! The second video review is hilarity!! LAN Party in da hood!!!! :laughing:
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Been gone for awhile so this is the first time I heard about Winter Wars...if you need anybody else, I have the below two rigs..



AMD X4 940

1 x GTX 260

On Air

Same system from Summer Warz



My new system

CS: Azza 1000 Full Tower

PSU: Corsiar 850W Single Rail

MB: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6

CPU: Intel Core I7 860

CPU Cooler: Prolimatech Mega Shadow

Normal use: (2) 70cfm Fans

HD: Crucial 64GB SSD (2) RAID 0

MEM: GSkill Trident 6x2GB DDR3 2000

GPU: HIS HD4890 (2) Turbo OC Crossfire

DVD: HP 1260i Sata 24x


The problems is that my new system is not stable, even at stock. I have not had the time to find out what exactly the problem was due to some health issues. I would have to figure that out....might not be able to post stock scores but should be able to figure it out for the overclocking....

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